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Summer Cocktails

Location de catamarans
Mer de Cortés

Captain John

Naviguez avec style sur une luxueuse location de catamaran. Notre capitaine expérimenté vous guidera à travers la mer de Cortés, partageant ses connaissances approfondies de la vie marine, de la pêche et des meilleurs endroits pour observer les dauphins, les baleines et les raies manta. Pendant ce temps, notre chef personnel vous offrira une expérience culinaire pas comme les autres, vous apprenant à préparer de délicieux repas tout en explorant de superbes îles, des grottes marines et en vous relaxant dans les nombreux mouillages de la baie de l'île.

Personal Chef Macrina
Beach Waves
BCS Sunset
Bay View
Macrinas Cuisine
Catamaran 1
Macrinas Cuisine
Aft view
Macrinas Cuisine
Catamaran 2


Looking for a catamaran sailing experience in the Sea of Cortez? Look no further. Our professional crew is dedicated to making your trip unforgettable. Add a captain and chef, you'll enjoy delicious meals on the water and swim with sea lions while exploring islands, we have dolphins and whales to see blah blah blah...

That is what you were expecting to hear isn't it? That is exactly what everyone says when trying to sell you on charters.



             to a perfect catamaran sailing experience is a grand combination of many things. The crew first. Let's start with your captain. Real local knowledge of the islands, bays, fishing, marine life, sea/weather conditions, sailing/vessel mechanical knowledge is always a plus. Now the chef. Your chef should inspire to win you at every corner. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between? Don't forget the drinks and what about other personal needs like cleaning and filleting your grand catch of the day etc?


Baja California Sur Sailing 


 looks like and why people keep coming back.


Let's start with the chef considering the editor is your captain. It has been my experience over the years and the experience of others that Macrina, your onboard chef, is hands down the best in the business. Published in not one but two sailing magazines not that she cares. She starts with getting all the dietary needs of everyone in the group and family. She builds a flexible menu with you for the week onboard. The day prior to your arrival she will do all the shopping in all the best places acquiring particular items that you may have asked for. The day of departure she sets off to acquire the freshest of seafood available in La Paz. She prepares breakfast, for everyone as a group or individually as everyone wakes up. Always timed perfectly are the appetizers after that long paddle board or swim to the beach and back. All of which are fantastic works of art that pair with any cocktail and are somehow always refreshing on a hot summer's day. Then Lunch! You choose ! And then of course dinners are always ready after an incredible day on the water and relaxing shower. 


What does Macrina do that makes her so different other than what I have already mentioned?


 Well if it's your birthday she will make you a cake on the boat. Freshly made "on the boat" pastries of all sorts are always available making the boat smell like Grandma's House. Her traditional Mexican drinks are always a sure thing. But when it comes to her Traditional Mexican cuisines there is no other that can do what she does while simultaneously combining the 30 + salsas' and aqua chiles that pairs fantastically alongside each dish. She has not one ceviche but many of all different flavors, types and colors. She is modest and  will tell you that seeing you smile is all the appreciation she needs and it is true! With that said she will also teach you how to make the same recipes for you to make at home or on the boat. It truly is amazing what Macrina can do on a boat and it inspires. 


This is only a fraction of what she does and what makes Macrina your onboard chef so different from the rest. Chef Macrina has a knack for combining flavors and creating unique dishes that will leave you wanting more. Her ongoing commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients guarantees that every meal onboard is a culinary delight. Trust her, your taste buds will thank you.


As for your captain I will take you on a journey unmatched and off the beaten path. We will explore together the best fishing spots “ seasonal of course” and the best rigs to use. I will put you in front of the calmest beaches possible to better soak in the sun. I endeavor to plan the best route that maximizes your time here with us. All the while watching the weather and sea state. I will take you where you want to go and to places you have never seen or have heard of. I am quick, efficient and always ready to sail. Speaking of sailing I will be more than glad to teach you at the same time for those of you that are interested in learning while on vacation. Want to know where the best snorkeling or diving spots are? I will show you. My sole purpose is to guide you, watch over you and keep you safe. My promise to you is I will always be there to help and aid you, your family and your friends making your vacation one of the most memorable. I will search and network finding the many species of whales, dolphins, rays and turtles not waiting for them to come to us or stumble upon though that does help. I am a USCG 100 ton Master Captain, Master Sailing Instructor, Professional commercial diver, Dive Medic and Hyperbaric Specialist. My life has always been on the water. Most importantly I am a pretty good mechanic and electrician and like with any boat there are always issues. I undertake and seek out any and all mechanical issues keeping us on track.


For many years working together as a wife & husband team Macrina and I have been running charters. We pledge to give you our all. Your assurance is our word and that of others. We pledge to be the best we can be and our vow is to leave you coming back for more. Let's make an oath to create a bonding friendship. Explore with us here in the Sea of Cortez.


John & Macrina

Obtenez un devis

You are on your way! Thank You for choosing us.

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