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Captain John Aros
United Yacht Sales Broker Captain John Aros La Paz, BCS Mexico

Many of our customers come to us with the conviction of buying a specific boat they've been looking for. Others, however, are undecided about either buying a sailboat or a powerboat and will ask for our advice. The decision between buying one or the other is not easy. That's why it's important for us to understand your needs, budget, timeline, lifestyle and the experiences you seek. Having a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each type of boat will help us guide you towards a satisfying and successful purchase. Here is a basic list of the pros and cons of a sailboat vs. a powerboat–let’s ensure you get the great adventure and lifestyle you are expecting from your purchase!


  • These types of boats are more comfy and roomier because a great part of the structure is above the water, which allows having amenities such as larger staterooms,bathrooms (called heads) and even a kitchen (known as a galley) possible.

  • If you prefer speed, a powerboat is the perfect type of boat for you. Speed also gives you the opportunity to enjoy other water sports such as water skiing or wakeboarding.

  •  A powerboat will never depend on things as uncertain as the wind to propel the boat. You just hop on, turn the key and navigate to your desired location, at your desired speed.

  • Power Boats have shallower drafts which allow navigating in shallow waters without fear of getting stuck or running aground.

  • Powerboats need less training in how to handle and navigate.


  • The engines of these boats can be noisy. If silence is what you are looking for, a powerboat may not be the best option.

  • The length of a trip is based on the amount of fuel in the tank and as you already know, filling up a boat can be expensive especially if the boat is fairly large. Once the fuel runs out, the fun will also be over.

  • Apart from the cost of fuel, the powerboat owner should also consider other expenses, such as maintenance of the engines, which is often overlooked and underestimated.

  •  Powerboats have a higher center of gravity. A trip on a windy day won't bring a lot of calm fun.

  • If you are passionate about exploring bluewater adventures,most powerboats will be limited to coastline areas as they are not typically suited to go too far away from the shoreline


  •  Sailboats make it possible to travel in an environmentally-friendly way, as they don't depend entirely on fuel and motors to propel them. Sailboats operate mostly on wind power.

  • Sailboats offer an economical trip given the right climatic conditions.

  • Engine maintenance and fuel costs are typically significantly lower because they are used less frequently.

  • Sailboats offer a completely unique experience in which the owner is the one who navigates and directs the boat, helped by the power of nature.

  •  Sailboats offer a quieter and more social voyage.Many times only the sound of the wind and waves are heard, as well as passengers' conversations.


  • Sailboats have less space and may offer less comfort than a powerboat.Particularly in non-tropical areas, many sailboat designs may expose the owner and crew the sun, the wind or breeze and water, on a continual basis.Conversely, in tropical areas, sailboats designed for cold weather passaging will have more limited ventilation in an enclosed design.

  • Managing a sailboat mostly depends on the weather. Even if a sailboat offers an unlimited destination opportunity, virtually everything will depend much more than powerboating,on wind conditions.

  • The maintenance of the sails and the rigging are typically underestimated, and depend on their use.

  • Navigating a sailboat requires more time, physical energy, planning, experience, and commitment on the part of the owner/captain.

  • Sailboats have deeper drafts to ensure better navigation, but which keep the boat farther away from the coast and shallow waters.

LET US HELP YOU MAKE THE DECISION. Tell us your needs and wants, and we will make suggestions and provide options so you can make an intelligent decision.


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